One of the few who still believe in honesty and integrity

Who we are

A digital marketing and design company focused on helping small businesses have a presence online. No awards to show off, no degrees to gloat about. Just a gal, online and self taught, with real experience and dedication. No fluff. No b.s. No outrageous rates. No broken promises.

What we do

In a world of corporate overruling, we strive to help small businesses succeed. It's hard to stand out online when you are competing with companies that have huge marketing budgets. We help small business learn about online marketing and find creative strategies to gain the edge they need.

Why we do it

We are tired of marketing companies who entice small business owners with fancy words & unattainable goals. Then charge them high prices and never deliver what was promised. We are sick of big chains running mom & pop shops out of town. Enough is enough. If you succeed, so do we.

Some of our awesome clients

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Margaux Daughtry


"Helping others has always been something I strive for in any field I have worked in. I am an empathetic person and I only feel whole if I find a way to use my passions, skills, and knowledge to provide a service to those who need it. I will attentively work to get your small business' digital marketing needs met. "